Welcome to dedicated site to cabin crew training equipment.  Within these pages you will find information on our Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET's), Door & Exit Trainers, Fire Trainers and Service Trainers.  You will also find articles, papers and links to a plethora of information that should be useful to you, the cabin crew trainer.

We are also associated with Ashford Training Technologies, who develop and build many other training devices, instructor led and computer based training programs for the aerospace, power generation & distrubution, telecommunications, and many other technology based industries.  Please take a look at their site ( for more information.

Alaska Airlines B737-400/700 CEET PDF Print E-mail


B737NG/Classic CEET for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines B737 Classic/NG CEET from outside the building


JAA Cabin Crew Regulations PDF Print E-mail

Within JAA is JAR Ops 1 including Cabin Crew Training - however only Section 1 material is included here and no Advisory Material is available.

The entire JAR's are available for purchase or through subscriber (costs) websites

Below link to JAR Ops 1

Transport Canada CARS reference PDF Print E-mail

A link to the Transport Canada standard for a Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (aircraft cabin trainer) can be found here....

Click here to go to the Transport Canada web site.

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